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The Prophet Known for Patience and Persistence: Hud (A.S.)

Hud and the People of ‘Ad

A long time ago, there was a group of people known as the ‘Ad. They lived in a big desert and were quite strong and clever. They built impressive things and became very proud because of their success. But this pride made them think they didn’t need God, and they started worshipping idols instead.

Hud’s Message

 God chose a man named Hud to be a messenger to the ‘Ad people. Hud told them to stop worshipping idols and to believe in the one true God, Allah. He reminded them that all the good things they had were gifts from God, and they should be thankful and obedient.

The ‘Ad People’s Stubbornness

The ‘Ad folks didn’t listen to Hud. In fact, they made fun of him and didn’t take his warnings seriously. They thought they were too powerful to be punished by God.

God’s Punishment

Because the ‘Ad people continued to be stubborn and didn’t believe in God, Allah sent a terrible punishment. This punishment came in the form of fierce, destructive winds that blew for days and nights. Their strong buildings were turned into rubble, and their pride was shattered.

Hud and Believers Survive

Hud and the people who believed in his message were saved from this terrible punishment. They found shelter in a cave, and the destructive winds couldn’t harm them. This showed that Hud’s message was true and that God protected those who believed in Him.

What We Learn from Hud’s Story:

1.    Don’t Be Too Proud:

The ‘Ad people’s pride and refusal to acknowledge God’s importance led to their downfall. This teaches us to be humble and grateful for what we have.

2.    Stay Patient and Strong

Hud’s patience in the face of difficulties is a great lesson. His determination to share God’s message is inspiring for all of us.

3.    Believe in God

The ‘Ad people’s lack of belief had serious consequences. Hud’s story reminds us of the importance of faith and following God’s guidance.

4.    God’s Mercy

Even though the ‘Ad people did wrong, God still showed mercy by saving Hud and the believers. This shows that God is both fair and kind.

Hud’s story is a timeless reminder of the importance of humility, patience, and faith. It tells us what can happen when people become too proud and forget about God. It also shows that God is always there to guide and protect those who believe in Him.

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