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Noah’s Ark

Long ago, in a land where people had forgotten the teachings of Allah, there lived a righteous man named Noah (Nuh in Arabic). He was known for his unwavering faith and devotion to Allah, even in a time when many had turned away from Him.

One day, Allah chose Noah to deliver a special message to the people. Allah wanted to warn them about their sinful ways and give them a chance to turn back to Him. So, Allah spoke to Noah in a dream, telling him to build a great ark, a massive ship, in preparation for a great flood that would cleanse the Earth of wrongdoing.

Noah knew that this was a challenging task, but he trusted Allah’s guidance completely. He began building the ark with the help of his three sons and a few faithful followers. They worked tirelessly, gathering wood and constructing the enormous vessel.

As they worked on the ark, Noah shared Allah’s message with the people of his community. He urged them to give up their sinful ways and return to the path of righteousness. But many of them scoffed at his warnings and mocked him. They couldn’t understand why they should listen to him or believe in a coming flood.

Years passed, and the ark slowly took shape. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen—a massive ship that could hold animals of every kind and Noah’s family. When it was finally ready, Allah sent a sign to Noah. Two of every animal, from the smallest insects to the largest elephants, started coming to the ark. Allah was making sure that all living creatures had a place of safety.

Noah’s family—his wife, his three sons, and their wives—joined him on the ark, along with the animals. And then, the skies darkened, and the rain began to fall. It wasn’t just rain—it was a torrential downpour that seemed as if it would never end. The Earth’s waters rose, covering the land and engulfing everything in its path.

Inside the ark, Noah and his family felt safe, knowing that Allah was watching over them. They cared for the animals and trusted in Allah’s plan. The flood continued for forty days and nights, but the ark floated on the vast ocean, keeping everyone aboard safe.

Finally, as Allah had decreed, the rain stopped, and the floodwaters began to recede. The ark came to rest on a mountain called Mount Judi. When Noah and his family disembarked, they were filled with gratitude to Allah for their survival and the chance to start anew.

Noah’s story teaches us the importance of faith, patience, and obedience to Allah’s commands. It reminds us that even in the face of great challenges, Allah watches over those who trust in Him. Noah’s ark became a symbol of hope and a reminder that Allah’s mercy is boundless.

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